Photographers Go Disney

I admit it, I’m a Disney Princess kinda girl! So I love when I see photographers different takes on Disney and especially the princesses! It’s not always glam and beauty either but I love it all the same. Here are just a few I’ve found through my passion for fantasy! These images are from Ryan Astimendi, Thomas Czarnecki, Dina Goldstein, Annie Leibovitz and the Harrods auction.

Jessica Rabbit~ Ryan Astimendi


jessica rabbit


From the Harrods Auction

snow white harrods


mulan gown


sleeping beauty


I don’t know who to credit this with, but I love it!

disney princesses


I like this look inside the princesses. This series showing what ever after really looks like is by  Dina Goldstein









jprincess asmine


Annie Leibovitz did this amazing series for Disney




frog princess


peter pan


Last but not least,  Thomas Czarnecki shows us the darker side of the princesses

alice in wonderland


disney portraits 1



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How To Resize Photos

Quite often I’m shocked by hearing photographers ask how to resize an image. It is a pretty important part of photography especially in todays digital age. There are many different ways to resize. And plenty of software to do it in. I think we will go with the ones we hear most about which is Lightroom and Photoshop. Granted within these softwares there are many different ways to do it, and we won’t get into all of that today. Lets just take a look at the basics.


Do any Lightroom editing/adjusting you need.

Select an image(s) you want to export out of Lightroom, then go to Export

In the export screen you will see Resize, I typically advise this easy rule. For print set long edge to 3000px with resolution dpi 300 & for web set long edge to 700px with resolution dpi 72

Easy Peasy!

Here is a quick easy to follow video so you can see exactly how to do it in Lightroom.




Now lets talk Photoshop. There are two basic ways to resize. First is to go into adjustments then resize image and do it there. The second which is what I do 90% of the time is by crop. I will set my crop ratio to the desired size and resolution and crop the image. The cropping method is usually the best method if your image has to have a certain length and width.

Here is a video on PS resizing. Now I know there are a lot of versions out there and I can’t show them all, but the principal is the same. I choose this video because it is CS6 and through his process you get a peek at a few different ways to do it.





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Do We Go To Far With Photoshop

Do we go to far editing in photoshop? It looks like some people think so. Its not a new thing, this isn’t the first time that the massive amount of editing done to models has hit the media. I think that there needs to be slight guidelines when it comes to major body changes in photoshop. It’s not something I think we should do to clients without their permission really, but when it comes to models for projects I think the door is wide open. Well there is a fight against deceiving with editing going on. A proposal is in place and there is even a kickstarted to make a movie about it. Do you have anything in your contract concerning how far you go in photoshop? Do you think you should have to put a message on images where the model is heavily edited?

Check out these videos addressing it!




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How To Photograph Groups

Groups, a word that can be terrifying! Well it really doesn’t have to be. Relax, take a deep breath……





Here are a few really helpful tips on making group shots easy!

  • Be calm! Take control, it is easy for a group to lose focus, get out of line etc…remain calm! Get everyone where you want them, then step back. Don’t keep adjusting, once you have moved to the spot where you are shooting from you can give directions. If you keep approaching singles individually from the group to adjust them, others in the group are more likely to get out of place thinking they have time to fool around.
  • Keep your aperture small! You need to make sure everyone in the shot is in focus!
  • A wide angle lens will help make sure you can capture large groups in tight spaces!
  • Watch your lighting, it is easy to miss the shadows/highlights on a few faces if your not working with even light.
  • Careful of pose cramming and height problems. A lot of time you don’t notice until it’s too late….that head that looks like its sitting on Aunt Mary’s shoulder without a body. Shoot a shot and look at IT to make sure everyone is in the perfect spot.
  • Watch alien for alien hands, you know those weird disembodied fingers coming out of grandma’s side!
  • Have fun with it, let them get a little goofy after the first few shots, because you don’t want them to get bored and wander off!
  • Take lots of shots, getting that perfect image rarely happens on the first shot, someone blinks, one yawns, someone is looking somewhere else. Shoot, shoot, shoot and keep talking and calling out directions the entire time. You don’t want them to forget you are there!


We have even more info on group posing HERE!

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Wedding Photography Scam

It happens a lot various types of photography scams. One thing that happens quite frequently is a not so great photographer stealing other photographers works to use in their portfolio to get business. And another thing is just out right scammers like Michael De Rubeis who allegedly scammed couples out of over $100,000! Michael De Rubeis has been charged with 6 counts of theft by deception and 6 counts of impersonation He used different names, different business names to rob over 30 people of their money.

Him and his wife pulled this scam before and in 2003 when he was sued after over 100 complaints!

One client review left for him “WORSE VENDOR!!!! It’s going on 2 yrs and still nothing. I decide to drive by store and to my surprise place is EMPTY. For rent signs are up. Does any1 have contact number for him or his wife.?? I have nothing. I paid my money now I need everything which I paid for. Any info will b helpful.”

One thing I can not figure out is how he got these people to pay so much money! If you look at his Wedding Wire HERE, you will see a bunch of complaints and each one mentions they paid at least $5000. I’m thinking he was using stolen images because everyone complains how bad his images really are.

Lesson for people hiring vendors~ Do Lots of Research! Lesson for photographers~ 1. Check constantly to see if someone is using your images and 2. Treat your customers like gold!

See more about the case HERE




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