Newborn With Dad Poses


We can’t forget about Dad! I really love images of a newborn with their daddy! Mommy has had 9 months to bond and connect with baby, while Daddys been waiting patiently to meet their little bundle of joy. To capture that love and wonder of getting to know their baby is beautiful! So here I […]

Newborn Twins Poses


Double the cuteness, double the poses! I love, love, love newborn twin images! So I found a few ideas for you. One thing I really want to say is be careful to make sure there is some kind of spacing in between babies, even if it’s done by posing one differently. I noticed a lot […]

10 Toddler Photography Poses To Inspire You


We all see a lot of newborn photography nowadays, but we mustn’t forget about babies who aren’t newborn. With babies, its not so much about posing them as it about setting up an adorable scene you can capture them in. I found some great photographers and great posing / scene examples for you today. One […]

Newborn Hanging Cocoon Pose


This is just a quick 4 minute video on how to achieve the oh so adorable and popular hanging baby cocoon pose. Again you will need and assistant, some cloth and patience! As with any pose- practice safety first!   Found this image to share as well from Portraits by Mel.

Chin In Hands Newborn Baby Posing

newborn posing rialee 1

How do you get that baby in that pose? Patience The younger the better Prop the baby’s chest up some Support the baby from behind (hand holding head/neck up) for one image/ support from front (hand holding arms/chin in place) for second image Photoshop to edit out everything holding the little one up- This a […]