10 Boudoir Chair Poses


So you don’t have a bed or sexy couch to use for your boudoir clients. It’s ok, don’t panic, there are plenty of ways to get sexy shots without them. One of the easiest things to keep around is a chair! These images come from Lucie Z, Cai Graham, Aubina Hrens, and The Boudoir Place […]

10 Plus Size Boudoir Poses

renee robyn photography

Women come in all shapes and sizes. Some photographers feel a bit nervous when a bigger girl comes in to book a boudoir session. Well put your mind to ease because there really isn’t that much difference when it comes to posing! There are some poses that just don’t suit a more voluptuous gal and […]

10 Easy Boudoir Poses


Here are 10 simple yet beautiful boudoir poses. These are from Aime’ Boudoir, Haute Shots, Josh Ryan, Couture Boudoir, and others that I can’t find names for. Remember when it comes to boudoir, as with any posing, don’t be afraid to show your client the pose by doing it yourself. It is also good to […]

Boudoir Photography Tutorial


Today we have a pretty informative video on shooting a boudoir session. The video is only about 10 minutes long and takes an inside look at the prep and the session. It’s done by photographer Damien Lovegrove. I really love this video because he explains your camera settings, lighting, and scene setup! It also gives […]

15 Sensual Boudoir Posing Ideas

brett seeley

I want to look at the more sensual side of boudoir posing. Changing your pose every so slightly, your angle, your crop and your lighting can drastically change the feel of the image. Another great way to make the image more sensual is to leave more to the imagination. I found 15 great examples of […]