DIY Photography Beauty Dish

beauty dish

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a smashing weekend! I want to focus this week on DIY projects. So to start off let’s check out this video showing how to make an inexpensive and easy beauty dish. A Beauty Dish offers a dramatic light that helps produce that stunning catch light in your subjects eyes. Generally used […]

DIY Photography Portrait Lighting


I came across a great DIY project. This is a headshot lighting system, which is a really cool idea!  It’s a pretty simple setup and works really well! Don’t get me wrong, it’s going to take a little work to set it up but from this video the results are great. It is a portable […]

DIY Halloween Portrait Backgrounds


Halloween is right around the bend, and it’s the perfect time to get creative! I pulled together a couple easy to do ideas for halloween setups. Most items you can get at your local craft store and home improvement store. So here we go…. Non-Toxic Blood: Very simple to make. There are 2 ways depending […]

DIY Photography Reflectors


Spring means more outdoor sessions so I wanted to post these videos on making helpful tools for outdoor photography sessions since today is the 1st day of spring.  First we have a video on DIY Photography Reflectors. Then we have a video on DIY Diffusers. Lastly we have a video on using Lens Filters. I hope […]

Jesse Rosten Uses 9 iPads for Photography Lighting

Apple CEO Steve Jobs announces the new iPad in January.

For some reason, this photographer has used 9 iPads to shoot this portrait session. Although very cool, I’m not sure how cost feasible it is. I mean what’s an iPad cost, like 500 bucks right? That’s like $4,500. Well the results are pretty awesome. So I say thanks to Jesse Rosten for footing the bill […]