5 Hot Photo Editing Trends

dros 1

Editing styles come and go, remember the selective desat, sepia, and magical glow? They were hot but like all trends the day came when something new came around and the faded to the background. There are some styles that are classic and never go away like the grainy black and white. Today I notice a […]

Photographers Go Disney

disney princesses

I admit it, I’m a Disney Princess kinda girl! So I love when I see photographers different takes on Disney and especially the princesses! It’s not always glam and beauty either but I love it all the same. Here are just a few I’ve found through my passion for fantasy! These images are from Ryan […]

How To Resize Photos


Quite often I’m shocked by hearing photographers ask how to resize an image. It is a pretty important part of photography especially in todays digital age. There are many different ways to resize. And plenty of software to do it in. I think we will go with the ones we hear most about which is […]

10 Photoshop Tutorials For Dramatic Portraits


We don’t always have the best setting, clothing, etc ¬†for images, and then sometimes you just want to get creative. As photoshop evolves so does the way we edit. It has gotten easier and easier over the years with photoshop. I thought today I’d post some tutorials on basic things we come across a lot. […]

A Look At Light With Jerry Ghionis


We think that Jerry Ghionis is so inspiring and today I thought we would take a little look at Jerry discussing lighting. I know some tend to forget just how very important lighting it and this is a great video. Keep in mind it’s a wee bit long, so you will want to set some […]